About Us

These photo galleries are dedicated to my father who taught me to swim at a very young age
and who taught me to sail and thus began the lifelong love affair with the ocean.
To my mentor, Barr Ashcraft, who introduced me to photography as a student in the mid 1960s, to my dear friend Jim Engles of Utila Lodge, and to Captain Willie Waterhouse who made these images possible through his intimate knowledge of the reefs of Utila.

I thank them all-- they travel with me on each dive

To paraphrase Jacques Cousteau…
The coral reefs of the sea and the creatures who inhabit them are like the oases found in the desert,
they are few and far between and yet they are the special places where life flourishes…

I began diving in the late ‘60s. In the early '70s I began to dive recreationally and have logged over 1500 dives where the emphasis became photography.
Since 1989 I have been diving the reef systems surrounding the Bay Islands of Honduras, most notably the islands of Roatan and Utila. These reefs are part of the second largest barrier reef chain in the world.
Not only are the reefs pristine, the continental shelf is very close to the island of Utila, allowing for the most exciting free diving encounters with the elusive whale shark.

Enjoy, Steve Satterwhite